Where it all began... for the love of Barre & my two teachers who inspired me!

This picture reflects my weekend spent in NYC for my Barre training at Exhale Spa with the two innovators and my mentors- also the fiercest duo I know, Fred Devito & Elisabth Halfpapp.🏻
Not only are they fierce and strong, they show compassion to each and every student that walks into the classroom. Their passion has driven me to my dream, to open my own studio Barre Body & Soul… as I enter my second week of owning my OWN barre studio I can’t help but recognize these two for ALL that they’ve done for me, on and off the mat. I laugh to think about my first barre class almost more than 10 years ago on the upper east side as a poor dancer taking advantage of the cheapest UNLIMITED class special for a month to attend classes at the recognized Exhale Spa. Immediately I was challenged, inspired and moved to keep coming back ( I even started to skip dance class for “core fusion” at the time). Fast forward to moving out of the city, buying a house, getting married and starting a family... the barre kept calling me. I finally decided to start teaching what I’ve learned from them and incorporated the flow from my 20_+ years of dance and with continued support from Fred & Liz eventually got my Exhale Barre certification! Fred & Liz continue to innovate, inspire and guide many to seek the strength inside us all. Passion driven- they are pioneers for the barre industry and do it with grace. I’m forever grateful and now I get to share my passion with you all in the Hudson Valley!
A wise man once said

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” - Fred Devito