Barre Sculpt/Fusion is a blend of yoga and Pilates fundamentals with orthopedic stretching and a ballet barre for alignment and stability. Set to upbeat music, this class is sure to strengthen your core, thighs, and glutes while lengthening from head to toe. You’ll feel leaner and stronger the more you Barre!


Barre:Flow is a blend between strength and surrender, sculpting and flowing to music driven choreography. Techniques drawn from ballet, pilates and yoga. A total body conditioning class finding your strength from the inside out.


Pilates/BARRE: Fusion






Pilates Fusion is a mat based Pilates workout focusing on core strength, flexibility, balance and overall body awareness. The class will work on lengthening and strengthening the muscles while giving you a full body workout. This high energy class utilizes the magic circle, theraband, small ball, light weights and roller to help sculpt the body as well as increase strength and range of motion. The class is fun and fluid- a great compliment to any mind/body practice!


Energize in this Total Body barefoot sculpting class! You will roll out your mat and utilize props such as bands, weights, the magic circle and more set to an upbeat playlist. Come sculpt, condition and flow in this 60 min low impact fusion class. All levels welcome, be ready to sweat!


Kick up your cardio! This mindful, full-body class will alternate between high intensity intervals(HIIT0 and less intense recovery periods, followed by cool down and stretch. Barefoot Cardio at its best!

Sweat, strengthen, and stretch. Prepare to sweat!


Renew & Reset/Level 1 Vinyasa

Learn how to de-stress your mind and body through the use of healing movement and mindful breathing. Renew and Reset is designed for those new to yoga or those wanting a basic flow class. This class introduces foundational yoga postures, teaches you how to connect breath and movement and helps you feel more comfortable in your yoga practice. All levels welcome.

Vinyasa Flow

All levels Vinyasa Yoga Flow links breath and movement to create a continuous fluid flow of postures with creative sequencing. Students will be able to work at their own level with opportunities to modify the poses and deepening the poses as well.

Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt is a power vinyasa class with weights and cardio movements. You’ll flow from point to point with music and be stretched beyond your comfort zone. You’ll be sure to sweat, stretch and burn all in 60 minutes!