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-Yoga Works 200hr NYC


Classes & Times


Tuesday 5:15pm

Wednesday 9:30am

Thursday 5:15pm

Friday 9:30am

Saturday 9am &10:30am



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-Yoga Works 200 hr NYC 
-Yoga Rocks! Kids 100+ hr kids yoga certification
Long Island, NY
-Simplicity Yoga 300 hr. ~ In progress
Long Island, NY 

What “Moves” you? Learning

What brought you to teach: Yoga has had such a profound affect on my life in so many ways, I wanted to learn as much as I could ( the learning never stops!) and share this gift of yoga with others. I learn so much from my students; seeing people push themselves out of their comfort zone reminds me that we are all on this journey together. I get to watch my students transform and it’s such a gift! 

What experience you wish to bring to the class? I want my students to feel like they have a space to feel free to experience their bodies and their inner most self in a way they never have before; free of judgement and expectations & to not take it all so seriously. :) I need that reminder too. 

Guilty pleasures? Double Chocolate Gelato (It has chocolate chips in there too!)

Classes & Times


All levels Vinyasa Flow 75min 9:30am 



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What “Moves” you?

What brought you to teach:

Guilty Pleasures?

What experience you wish to bring to the class?



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Alvin Ailey, Power Pilates, Exhale Barre training, Equinox Barre training, Booty Barre, ABT Certification

Heidi received her early training from her mother, Linda Freyer. Heidi went on to receive her BA in dance at UCONN and earned her Independent Study Certificate at The Alvin Ailey American Dance School in NYC. She apprenticed and performed with The Thomas Ortiz Dance Company in NYC and The Connecticut Ballet Company in Stamford, CT. Heidi is an ABT® Certified Teacher, who has successfully completed the ABT® Teacher Training Intensive in Pre-Primary through Level 3 of the ABT® National Training Curriculum. To round out her skills, Heidi pursued her Pilates certification through Power Pilates and additional certifications in Barre fitness including one from the well known Exhale. 

What experience you wish to bring to the class? I have created a class that encompasses my knowledge from both my Pilates and barre certifications as well as years of dance training. It is a mixed level mat Pilates class that focuses on strength, flexibility and balance while also lengthening and strengthening the muscles. This full body workout is stimulating to the mind and will challenge all levels physically.

What “Moves” you? My passion for Pilates began after I sustained an injury pursuing a career as a professional dancer. Pilates not only aided in my recovery, helping me avoid surgery, but also kept me in excellent dancer shape throughout my healing. I couldn’t help but fall in love with Pilates after seeing what it did for me, mind, body, and spirit.  I’m passionate about bringing Pilates to Barre, Body and Soul studio as I love the hope, inspiration, and healing that Pilates provides.

Guilty Pleasures Mexican food at Cafe Maya and Black Forest Organic Gummies!

Classes & Times

Monday PILATES:Barre 5:30pm

Tuesday Pilates Fusion 9:30am

Friday PILATES:Barre 5:15pm


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200 hour RYT
Group Fitness Certification
TRX basics
Silver Sneakers

What “Moves” you? I want people to feel gratitude in class. Grateful that we have these bodies to carry us through life that we can challenge, nurture, and make stronger and better. I love being a vehicle to help people with total wellness in body mind and spirit.

What experience you wish to bring to the class? When people leave class I hope that they feel they pushed themselves, they made an improvement right past where they thought they couldn’t.

Guilty Pleasures? Apple cider donuts

Classes & Times

Monday 9:30am Soul BODY: Fusion
Wednesday 5:15pm SoulBODY:HIIT +
6:30pm SoulBODY: Fusion

Friday 10:45am SoulBODY:HIIT



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What experience you wish to bring to the class? Learn how to de-stress your mind and body through the use of healing movement and mindful breathing. Renew and Reset is designed for those new to yoga or those wanting a basic flow class. This class introduces foundational yoga postures, teaches you how to connect breath and movement and helps you feel more comfortable in your yoga practice

What “Moves” you? What motivates me is the healing power of movement. I fell in love with yoga because of the healing journey it has taken me on and continues to take me on. Movement is our first language. It is how we first communicate. It is a powerful healing modality that we can all tap into. It is beautiful to witness the emotional shift that occurs when people move their bodies with intention. My intention is to create a scared space where people feel safe to move freely. A class where you come to renew and reset your mind and body.

Classes & Times

Wednesday 11am Renew & Reset/lev 1Vinyasa Flow




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What “Moves” you?

What brought you to teach:

Guilty Pleasures?

What experience you wish to bring to the classI hope to bring more

Classes & Times

Sunday 11am BARRE:Yoga/Fusion






Caitlan completed her 200-hour training at Sadhana in Hudson, NY under the guidance of Raghunath and Sondra Loring. Caitlan enjoys sharing her love of yoga with the Hudson Valley community, especially those who think yoga isn’t for them! Caitlan’s classes incorporate three core elements: mindfulness, laughter, and always rocking out to great music.

Classes & Times

Tuesday 6:30pm Vinyasa Flow



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Emily Barre Body Soul.jpg

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Barre Certified by exhale 2019...the most credible, comprehensive, and in-depth barre teacher training program. At 40 hours, exhale’s program is 3X the industry standard, and is ACE, NASM, and AFAA-approved.

-What “MOVES” you ?( your why)- what brought you to teach /inspiration - After leaving my career in Elementary education to be home with my three babies under three, I found myself in a dark place. I was alone in the house for 12+ hours a day, couldn’t exercise, wasn’t able to eat right and I was exhausted. I love(d) being “mom” but I missed having that time to be “Emily” again. For as long as I could remember, I was a “discoverer.” Always exploring new places and sides of myself whenever I felt it was needed. I wanted to have time outside of the house where I could learn who I was during this new phase of my life. My first class with Ash at Barre Body & Soul was in November of 2018 and remember crying through my first three final stretches. It felt so good to breathe freely, move without judgement, and do something good for myself. I am so excited to enter this next phase of life in the studio that started it all for me with all of you!

-What experience you wish to bring to the class?
I could only hope that someone, someday, can experience what I did when I found barre...a safe place to just be you. I have not been a dancer for my entire life, and that is ok, I want anyone that attends one of my classes to know that. Whether it is your first class or your 50th, we are in it together.

-Guilty pleasure?
I am a major foodie, so I rarely turn down comfort food. I also love ice cream and my nightly wind-down drink on the porch with my husband, Stephen.

Class/ time you teach at BArre Body soul
Barre: flow / Mondays @7 pm