I feel like nothing compares to what theses classes & studio has done for me. It has seriously changed my life. I am not even good or skilled, its just the music, the breathing and self awareness that has taught me to tap back into my own inner strength. Barre Body & Soul is one inspirational space to be a part of.
— Emily Wilson
I should start off by saying that when Ashley opened this studio in New Windsor, I followed her there—despite it being a trip across the bridge and a bit of a hike for me. THAT’S how amazing she is. I took my first barre class with her almost two years ago, and I have been essentially addicted ever since. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in (and that’s AFTER three kids!) but it’s more than that. It’s incredibly fitting that Ashley named the studio what she did, because her classes do as much for your soul as they do for your body. The classes helps you feel centered, balanced, confident, and strong. The teachers here allow for all levels while keeping the classes both challenging and inspiring. I cannot recommend this studio enough. If you’re toying with taking a class here, do NOT hesitate. You won’t be sorry!
— Priscilla L.
Barre Body & Soul offers fun and challenging barre, pilates and yoga classes for all experience levels. Every teacher has been amazing to work with and it’s clear they’re all passionate about what they do. Ashley, the owner, has created a beautiful, warm, peaceful space that is so much fun to practice in. Once you try a class, you’ll be hooked!
— Tara T.
Barre Body + Soul offers the most wonderful barre classes in a warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere. I think of it less of an exercise studio and more of a self-care sanctuary.
— Rheam